Thursday, November 29, 2012

Genius Clowns

Believe it or not, geniuses do have a sense of humor.  It’s often a slightly twisted and weird sense of humor, but they do have one.  You just have to learn how to appreciate it.

A few months ago, I came into work to find that Big Foot had visited my desk.  Seriously…Big Foot.  Apparently the big hairy guy does exist and likes to sneak into my building in the middle of the night and walk around on my desks  He even left me foot prints and tuffs of fur.  Which was actually really gross.


As I stood in front of my desk staring at the obvious irrefutable evidence that Big Foot is real, I started to giggle.  Why am I giggling?  Because I didn’t get it.  Nope, I wasn’t getting the joke and that was the funniest part to me.  I’d been punked.  To this day I still have no idea who punked me, no one has claimed responsibility.  They got me…clowns.  But don't worry, two can play this game.

Bottom line, geniuses can be funny…twisted, weird and completely random…but hilarious too.

Clowns…Genius Clowns…this is what I’m dealing with.

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