Monday, November 26, 2012

GuacFest 2012

GuacFest 2012.  Because nothing says Thanksgiving like Guacamole.

No lie…this is an actual event in my office.  How was this event started?  Because Engineers are ultra-competitive people and someone started talking smack.  A food challenge was issued and it turned into an annual homemade guacamole recipe contest.  There is even a trophy involved.  Actually, it’s really just an excuse for a bunch of research scientists to eat food…not that a reason was really necessary.  (haha)
However this year, we decided to expand the food options and people not participating in the guacamole contest could bring in whatever food item they liked.  One of our team members decided to bring in a crock-pot full of roasted shaved beef and serve sandwiches at GuacFest.  It smelled fantastic, but she didn’t want to keep it in her office while it continued to cook.  So she decided to take it to the break-room upstairs in our building and left it…UNATTENDED!  Not even a post-it note on it saying “Do not touch”.  She’d obviously lost her mind.

Now here is something you have to understand about engineers and scientists, they are mostly men and they LOVE to eat.  If you leave food out ANYWHERE in the building unattended and without a note on it (sometimes even with a note on it) they WILL eat it.  It’s like watching a pack of wolves attack a roasted turkey.  You’ll lose a limb if you try to get in the way.
When we discovered she’d left the food in the break room, we decided we had to take steps to prevent scavengers from cleaning out the crock-pot before GuacFest.

 Yep, that should do it.  No one went near it.  People tend to stay away from our group’s experiments. J
Beef was safe, GuacFest was a hit (judging was fierce)…but who won?  The one person who wasn’t bragging about her guacamole being the best.  Well played my friend…well played.

Next up…Cookie Jubilee on December 14th.  Oh I got this…

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