Friday, March 29, 2013

March Fiction Friday #4

     My Grandmother had always taught me to trust my instincts, and my aunt had always taught me not to trust Jeff.  I was starting to think she was right, but Jeff was my cousin and wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt me right?  Right?

“So I was at O’Malley’s trying to get his new bartender to realize what she was missing by not going out with me.  You should see this girl El, she’s beautiful.  I mean not just cute, I mean beautiful, dark brown hair, green eyes, great legs and boobs I…”  Jeff said.

“Jeff!”  I yelled into the phone.  I watched Grover arch his back and stretch before settling back down in a sitting position on the coffee table.

“Oh, right, sorry.”  Jeff cleared his throat. “Anyway, I was sitting at the bar watching Becca when this guy sitting next to me said something.  I didn’t notice him sit down, but then again I probably wouldn’t have noticed much of anything with Becca around.  But it was like he was suddenly just there, you know?”  Jeff said.

          Yeah, I knew.  Leave it to Jeff to not realize there was something not human sitting next to him when there was a pretty girl in front of him.  “Did you talk to him?”  I asked him.

“Yes, he said something about Becca being pretty and that got my attention because I didn’t want him to try and steal her out from under me.  I told him she was off limits.”  Jeff said and I could hear him getting all puffed up about it.  Typically this would have amused me because Jeff’s surfer boy accent mixed with macho man is always excellent entertainment.  However right now, I wasn’t laughing, I was starting to get annoyed.

“So I told him to back off and he just smiled at me.  Then he started asking me a bunch of questions.”  Jeff said quietly.

“What kind of questions?”  I asked.  This was like pulling teeth.

“I don’t know, questions.  My name, where I was from, few others.”  Jeff said sheepishly.

“Others?  What other questions Jeff?”  I asked suspicious now.

“He asked a lot of questions about the family.  I don’t know what happened El; I just couldn’t stop answering his questions.”  Jeff said resigned.

“You answered him?  What did you tell him?”  I could feel the dread creeping over me.

          I heard Jeff take a deep breath before saying, “He asked me a lot of questions about you El.  I don’t know why I kept answering them, I just couldn’t help myself.  It was like I couldn’t look away or lie to him.  It was totally weird.  It was like he put the whammy on my or something.”  Jeff said talking faster now.

          I sat heavily in the chair in my living room.  The phone was still pressed against my ear as I looked at Grover, still sitting on the coffee table looking at me like I was about to do something interesting.  

          This was great.  Up until this morning my life had been running pretty smoothly.  No major issues, no weird incidents in front of strangers that I couldn’t explain, no family harping on my wasted talents, no unexplained “accidents”, no idiot cousins who don’t know when to shut up and no possessed cats.  Normal, up until this evening, I was living a normal, no thrills life.  Now I was stuck in my apartment with a cat that I’m pretty sure could scare the hell out of Charles Manson, listening to a moron tell me he’d basically sold me out to the devil.

          The Others had found me again.  Jeff had lead them right to me and there was no other option other left except to run.  The alternative was being collected and taken to the compound again, and that was just too frightening to think about

“Jeff.”  I said calmly.

“Yeah El?”  He said warily.

“I want you to get in your car, get over here and get me the hell out of here.  Now.”  I stated evenly.  No anger, no panic, just a statement.

“Right.  Ok, how do I do that El?  Jeff asked me.

“We’ll figure that out when you get here.  Just get over here.”  I said.  I had an idea, but I needed Jeff to see if it would work.

“Ok El, I’m on my way.  I’m sorry El.  I should have told you about it, but honestly, up until you called, I’d forgotten it had even happened.  This is so weird; I know the rules, why would I have forgotten?”  Jeff asked.  I could hear him getting into a car.

“I’m not sure about a lot of things right now Jeff, other than you need to help me get out of this apartment.”  I said.

“Right, I’ll be there in 15 minutes El.”  Jeff said. 

          Jeff has plenty of faults.  Unreliable, con artist, lazy, a magnet for trouble, but loyalty isn’t one of them.  Even though he’s a complete idiot most of the time, he’s a loyal idiot and no matter what my aunt says, I knew I could rely on him to come help me.

“Jeff?”  I asked.

“Yeah El?”  He responded.

“Did he tell you his name?”  I asked, dreading the response.

“I think it was something like Sean or Silas maybe, something like that.”  Jeff said sounding confused.

“Simon.”  I said.

“Yeah!  That’s it! Simon.  Do you know him El?”  Jeff asked.  I could hear the hope in his voice.  The hope that I already knew Simon and he didn’t do anything to betray me. 

“Hello again Ella.”  Simon was leaning against my living room door frame again, a small smile on his face. 

          I could hear Jeff saying my name as the phone slipped from my hand onto the floor.

This post is part of a weekly fiction challenge I'm having a lot of fun with.  This month's theme is romance and this week's prompt was:

"In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb"
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Friday, March 15, 2013

March Fiction Friday Episode #3

Ok…I’m going to change this up a little and turn it into the first person.  I haven’t tried this way before in this story, so I’ll have to see what you think.  If you hate it, I’ll return to the old style.

March Episode #3      

          I woke with a start.  My eyes flew open and fixed on a spot in the ceiling above my head.  I heard no movement in my apartment, but I felt someone looking at me. I lay very still for a minute, trying to focus and just listened.  Listening so I could figure out where Simon was.  But there was nothing, just silence.  Where was he?  What had he done to me that made me pass out?  The last thing I remembered was looking into his fathomless blue eyes and then feeling...

          Where was he?  What happen?  Had I been dreaming?  Was all of this just my subconscious playing tricks on me?  I slowly sat up on my elbows and looked around.  I was on the sofa.  How did I get here?  When did I get here? 

          It was a dream.  He wasn’t here, wasn’t real, and had never been real.  My gaze was slowly scanning the room.  Nothing was out of place; everything was exactly the way it had been before I left this morning.  Or at least I think it was this morning.  How long had I been asleep on the sofa? 

          I turned to my left and came face to face with Grover, my traitorous cat, sitting on the coffee table silently staring at me.  Grover was very still, just looking at me like I was the dumbest person he’d ever come in contact with.  For a second, I thought he was a stuffed cat. 

“Traitor.”  I said to him.  Grover’s look of contempt deepened as he continued to stare at me with unblinking eyes.

“I don’t suppose you’d like to tell me what the hell just happened would you?”  I said, trying to figure out if I was losing my mind or not.

          Grover moved only his head and I could have sworn it was in a “no” gesture.  I stared at him, open mouthed.  “Did you just answer me?”  I asked, holding my breath.  Grover just sat there, not moving.

“I’m losing my mind.”  I muttered to myself and pushed myself up into a sitting position.

          It had been a dream.  Just a nightmare brought on by too many late night creepy movies and an overactive imagination.  I stood up slowly, not trusting my legs to hold me and made my way to the doorway.  That’s when I saw it, the scorch mark.  The mark I’d left on my wall when I’d thrown the fireball at Simon’s head.  There it was, plain as day next to the doorway.  An eerie reminder of the confrontation I’d had with Simon in my desperation to leave the apartment. 

          Leaving.  That’s what I should be doing now.  I needed to get out of here before more of them came to collect me.  I sprinted to the bedroom and threw open my closet door.  I found the duffle bag I always had packed and ready to go in back of some clothes I would never wear again.  I grabbed it and tossed it on the bed.  I packed up my laptop and a couple other necessary electronics off my desk in the corner and headed for the living room. 

          Grover was still sitting erect and motionless on the coffee table, only he had moved to face the bedroom doorway so he could watch me getting ready to run.  I stopped in my tracks and looked at him again.  Something was wrong, I could feel it.  I walked slowly towards him and knelt down until we were face to furry face.  I looked closer now, searching him.

“Simon?”  I asked shakily.  If cats can smile, this one did.

“Oh Jesus.”  I scrambled backwards, leapt to my feet and grabbed my bags. 

          I headed towards the door, grabbing my shoulder bag and keys on the way.  I hit the door at a dead run and grabbed the doorknob.  The shock I felt slam through my hand and up my arm when I touched the knob was enough to make me cry out and drop to my knees.

“What the hell was that?!”  I exclaimed, snatching my hand away and rubbing it with the other.  I slowly reached out for the knob again, but this time I felt the power before I touched it and pulled my hand away. 

“This is not happening.  Simon!”  I yelled, but there was no answer.  I dropped my bags and went back towards the living room doorway.

          Grover was still sitting right where I left him, only now he was facing the door.  “What is going on?  Why can’t I leave?  What is that on the door?”  I asked him angrily.  He didn’t answer.

“I’m talking to my cat.  I’m talking to my cat and expecting him to answer me.  I’m talking to my cat, expecting him to answer me and really hoping he doesn’t.  Yep, you’ve officially lost your mind Ella.”  I was trying to stay calm, but inside I was starting to come unglued.

          I needed to get out of this apartment and obviously I wasn’t going to be able to do it on my own.  I went back to my shoulder bag and fished out my cell phone.  I needed help.  I really, really, really didn’t want to make this phone call, but I needed help and there was no one else I could force to come help me.

“Yo.”  He answered on the answer on the second ring.

“Jeff, its Ella.”  I said while I walked back into the living room.  I needed to keep my eye on Grover, hell maybe two eyes.

“El!  Wow, long time no call.  What’s the occasion?  I don’t still owe you money right?”  Jeff asked.

“Of course you still owe me money, but that’s not important right now.  I need your help.”  I said sharply.

“Help?  From me?  Really?”  He asked, genuinely confused.  I couldn’t blame him for being confused.  Jeff isn’t what one would call reliable.

“Yes.  I need you to come let me out of my apartment.”  I responded.

“Ummmm….what?”  I could picture the look of confusion on his face.

“I can’t explain it all right now.  I just need you to come let me out?”  I responded quickly.

“Ummm…El?  Why don’t you just walk through the door?”  He asked.

“Do you really think I haven’t already tried that?”  I asked, sarcasm dripping from my words.  “I can’t open the door; there is something on it that I can’t reach through.”  I said, trying to sound too much like a crazy person.

There was silence on the other end of the phone.  Too much silence.  “Jeff?  Are you still there?”  I asked hoping Grover hadn’t done something to the phone connection too.

“Yeah, I’m still here.  El what happens when you try to leave?”  He was more serious now.  Only Jeff was never serious and that scared me more than Grover did right now.

“I get shocked so hard it’s a wonder I don’t pee my pants and start convulsing on the floor.”  I responded.

“Oh boy, damn it, I should have known…”  Jeff trailed off.

“Known what?”  I asked, suspicious now.  Silence.

“Jeff?  Known what Jeff?  What did you do Jeff?”  I was getting pissed now and I could picture him starting to cower. 

“I’m sorry El.  I didn’t think.  Well I sort of forgot about it actually.  See, I was out at O’Malley’s a couple weeks ago.  You know, that bar on 63rd and Broadway.”  He started.  I didn’t respond.

“Anyway, I went into the bar…”  Jeff said

“If this story has a chicken and a priest in it I’m going to throttle you as soon as I get out of here.”  I said through gritted teeth.

“Well I didn’t notice a chicken, but I do remember a priest at the other end of the bar. “ 

“Jeff!!  I’m trapped in my apartment, I keep getting electrocuted and I think my cat is possessed.  Will you PLEASE get to the point and then get over here and help get me out of here?!”  I shouted into the phone.

“Ok, right, back to the story.”  Jeff said nervously.  Jeff being nervous wasn’t a good sign.  Actually, it was a very, very bad sign.

This post is part of a weekly fiction challenge I'm trying. It's a new month and that comes with a new theme. This month's theme is romance and this week's prompt was:

that fateful day when Caesar was assassinated by coup by a team of Roman senators on the steps of the Curia in Pompey ( (Can you tell I love history?) Our character is betrayed, hardcore, by a friend. The relationship is forever altered, "killing" a little piece inside, of our protagonist, yet empowering her/him despite the damage.

Imagery, dialogue, movement..

Friday, March 8, 2013

March Fiction Friday Episode #2

       All Ella could think to do was run.  Every instinct she had was screaming that Simon wasn’t what he appeared to be and her only option was to run.  Problem was, she wasn’t going to get far without her bag and Simon was in between her, her bag and the front door to freedom.
        Simon had surprised her by ducking the fireball she’d thrown at his face.  However now there was a nice scorch mark on her living room wall, great.  He was still standing but he was a little more wary of her now.  She had to figure out a way to get past him and out the door.
“I stand corrected.  Well now, you’ve been keeping secrets haven’t you?”  Simon said glancing at the wall and pointing a finger at her.
“Leave.  Or you will force me to do worse.”  Ella was bluffing, but hopefully he wouldn’t see through her poker face.
“I’m not leaving until you and I have had a chat.”  Simon said
“I don’t think we have anything to talk about.  I don’t know who you are, what you are or what you want with me.  All I know is I want you out of my apartment.  Before I do something neither of us will like.” Ella responded.
        Ella had to get past him.  She wouldn’t be coming back here, she couldn’t now.  There was no telling what could be waiting for her next time she came home.  Now that she’d alerted the Others of her presence.  More would come looking for her now.  She’d always known this day to come eventually, and she was prepared.  All she needed to do now was get out.
        Simon took a step towards her and Ella responded by taking a step to the side, still holding Grover.  They were starting to circle each other.  She and Simon resembled two wolves, sizing each other up and wondering who was going to be the last one standing.  Ella could see that Simon was on full alert now, his eyes never leaving her. 
        Ella could feel the power coming off him, she felt like a coil ready to spring up and snap at any moment.  Suddenly a thought flashed into Ella’s head.  Grover.  Grover could be the distraction she needed.  She was only going to get one shot at getting past Simon, and she needed to make it count.  In a move that surprised them both, Ella pulled back and positioned herself as if she was going to throw Grover at Simon.  When she pulled back her arms back for the fake launch, Simon’s eyes flicked towards Grover and Ella took her shot. 
        Ella blinked and made for the entryway on the opposite side of Simon.  She thought she’d made it until she felt hands tight on her arms.  The sudden burst of electricity she felt pulse up her arms made her whole body go ridged and she dropped Grover to the floor.  Ella felt a surge of heat go throw her that she’d never felt before.  It had been years since she’s felt anything remotely like this and that was the last time she’d come near one of the Others.
        Ella’s eyes flew open and she looked straight up into Simon’s face.  His eyes were so blue, so fathomless.  There was a slight smile on his face when he said “Gotcha”.
        Ella didn’t move.  She was trapped, but not afraid.  “How did you…?”  she left the question unfinished. 
“Anticipation.  You aren’t disappearing, just moving very very fast.  You were easy to catch once I figured out what you would try to do next.”  Simon said, still not letting go of her.
“What are you doing to me?”  Ella asked in a slightly breathless tone.  The feelings running through her were so intense she was afraid she might collapse onto the floor.  No, she needed to fight back.
“Nothing.”  He said, but his brow furrowed and for the first time Simon looked confused and slightly unnerved.
“You can feel that too can’t you?”  Ella asked. 
        Simon didn’t respond, he just continued to look at her.  Suddenly there was a wave of heat racing threw her body and she knew she was on the verge of losing control.  She felt herself being drawn into the power, into the confusion, into the pleasure, into him.  She could feel her body start to react to his touch, to the sensations of being near someone, or something, not human. 
        Ella waited a beat and then tried to step away from Simon.  He pulled her sharply back to him and she felt her body press against his long lean frame.  When her hands instinctively locked onto his forearms, the feeling intensified so sharply she sucked in her breath, eyes going wide with shock and disbelief at what she saw there.  Hunger.  She saw hunger, desire and need in those eyes.  She saw an intense need for satisfaction, a raw primal need for something…her.
“What are you?”  Simon asked in a quiet voice.
“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”  Ella said
“What are you doing to me?”  Simon asked shaking her slightly.
“Nothing.”  She said, throwing his own words back at him. 
        Ella was still gripping his forearms, and they were both still locked in a strange embrace.  Neither one of them wanting to let go, but for what reason…she couldn’t guess.  She tried one more time to break free of him.  Break free of his physical grip on her and the intense power she could feel him pouring into her.
        Using every ounce of willpower she had, she pushed back on the power coursing through her.  Pushed it back towards him until she felt it start to leave her body and flow back into him.  Pushed with her mind as hard as she could to break the connection until she felt her fingers start to relax on his arm.  She tried to take a step back and release her grip on his arms. 
        Ella felt his grip start to loosen slightly and she thought the connection might be breaking until she made the mistake of looking up.  Their eyes locked again and she felt his grip tighten and Simon pulling her roughly back to him.  Only this time it was his lips he pressed hard against her.  Ella had only a second to feel his lips against hers before she felt the power explode through her and everything went blazing white around her, and then darkness.

This post is part of a weekly fiction challenge I'm trying. It's a new month and that comes with a new theme. This month's theme is romance and this week's prompt was:

Our metaphorical spring is coming ever closer although things / conditions are still mostly dormant. The theme this week is: Recovery. The "ice" has thawed a bit, revealing your character's recovery of a memory; or s/he has recovered (this is not sought, it just appears, like a plant poking through the hard, cold earth) something that was once lost; or experiences an old habit in a new way? Better? Good? You decide. Oh: mostly dialogue.

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