Friday, March 8, 2013

March Fiction Friday Episode #2

       All Ella could think to do was run.  Every instinct she had was screaming that Simon wasn’t what he appeared to be and her only option was to run.  Problem was, she wasn’t going to get far without her bag and Simon was in between her, her bag and the front door to freedom.
        Simon had surprised her by ducking the fireball she’d thrown at his face.  However now there was a nice scorch mark on her living room wall, great.  He was still standing but he was a little more wary of her now.  She had to figure out a way to get past him and out the door.
“I stand corrected.  Well now, you’ve been keeping secrets haven’t you?”  Simon said glancing at the wall and pointing a finger at her.
“Leave.  Or you will force me to do worse.”  Ella was bluffing, but hopefully he wouldn’t see through her poker face.
“I’m not leaving until you and I have had a chat.”  Simon said
“I don’t think we have anything to talk about.  I don’t know who you are, what you are or what you want with me.  All I know is I want you out of my apartment.  Before I do something neither of us will like.” Ella responded.
        Ella had to get past him.  She wouldn’t be coming back here, she couldn’t now.  There was no telling what could be waiting for her next time she came home.  Now that she’d alerted the Others of her presence.  More would come looking for her now.  She’d always known this day to come eventually, and she was prepared.  All she needed to do now was get out.
        Simon took a step towards her and Ella responded by taking a step to the side, still holding Grover.  They were starting to circle each other.  She and Simon resembled two wolves, sizing each other up and wondering who was going to be the last one standing.  Ella could see that Simon was on full alert now, his eyes never leaving her. 
        Ella could feel the power coming off him, she felt like a coil ready to spring up and snap at any moment.  Suddenly a thought flashed into Ella’s head.  Grover.  Grover could be the distraction she needed.  She was only going to get one shot at getting past Simon, and she needed to make it count.  In a move that surprised them both, Ella pulled back and positioned herself as if she was going to throw Grover at Simon.  When she pulled back her arms back for the fake launch, Simon’s eyes flicked towards Grover and Ella took her shot. 
        Ella blinked and made for the entryway on the opposite side of Simon.  She thought she’d made it until she felt hands tight on her arms.  The sudden burst of electricity she felt pulse up her arms made her whole body go ridged and she dropped Grover to the floor.  Ella felt a surge of heat go throw her that she’d never felt before.  It had been years since she’s felt anything remotely like this and that was the last time she’d come near one of the Others.
        Ella’s eyes flew open and she looked straight up into Simon’s face.  His eyes were so blue, so fathomless.  There was a slight smile on his face when he said “Gotcha”.
        Ella didn’t move.  She was trapped, but not afraid.  “How did you…?”  she left the question unfinished. 
“Anticipation.  You aren’t disappearing, just moving very very fast.  You were easy to catch once I figured out what you would try to do next.”  Simon said, still not letting go of her.
“What are you doing to me?”  Ella asked in a slightly breathless tone.  The feelings running through her were so intense she was afraid she might collapse onto the floor.  No, she needed to fight back.
“Nothing.”  He said, but his brow furrowed and for the first time Simon looked confused and slightly unnerved.
“You can feel that too can’t you?”  Ella asked. 
        Simon didn’t respond, he just continued to look at her.  Suddenly there was a wave of heat racing threw her body and she knew she was on the verge of losing control.  She felt herself being drawn into the power, into the confusion, into the pleasure, into him.  She could feel her body start to react to his touch, to the sensations of being near someone, or something, not human. 
        Ella waited a beat and then tried to step away from Simon.  He pulled her sharply back to him and she felt her body press against his long lean frame.  When her hands instinctively locked onto his forearms, the feeling intensified so sharply she sucked in her breath, eyes going wide with shock and disbelief at what she saw there.  Hunger.  She saw hunger, desire and need in those eyes.  She saw an intense need for satisfaction, a raw primal need for something…her.
“What are you?”  Simon asked in a quiet voice.
“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”  Ella said
“What are you doing to me?”  Simon asked shaking her slightly.
“Nothing.”  She said, throwing his own words back at him. 
        Ella was still gripping his forearms, and they were both still locked in a strange embrace.  Neither one of them wanting to let go, but for what reason…she couldn’t guess.  She tried one more time to break free of him.  Break free of his physical grip on her and the intense power she could feel him pouring into her.
        Using every ounce of willpower she had, she pushed back on the power coursing through her.  Pushed it back towards him until she felt it start to leave her body and flow back into him.  Pushed with her mind as hard as she could to break the connection until she felt her fingers start to relax on his arm.  She tried to take a step back and release her grip on his arms. 
        Ella felt his grip start to loosen slightly and she thought the connection might be breaking until she made the mistake of looking up.  Their eyes locked again and she felt his grip tighten and Simon pulling her roughly back to him.  Only this time it was his lips he pressed hard against her.  Ella had only a second to feel his lips against hers before she felt the power explode through her and everything went blazing white around her, and then darkness.

This post is part of a weekly fiction challenge I'm trying. It's a new month and that comes with a new theme. This month's theme is romance and this week's prompt was:

Our metaphorical spring is coming ever closer although things / conditions are still mostly dormant. The theme this week is: Recovery. The "ice" has thawed a bit, revealing your character's recovery of a memory; or s/he has recovered (this is not sought, it just appears, like a plant poking through the hard, cold earth) something that was once lost; or experiences an old habit in a new way? Better? Good? You decide. Oh: mostly dialogue.

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  1. that was fun! what energy you shared between them; i could see it. i wonder if he is a giant cat and she is a giant mouse and that's why Grover likes her.... this is very interesting.

  2. This weird sciencey-fictiony stuff....this could be your thing. Creeper. Dude.

  3. That was electric! I could feel the power between them. Mysterious characters and creative imagination make your work unique. :)

  4. The energy between the two was crazy! I could see it all. I can't decide if I now like Simon, or if he scares me?!

  5. Woah. Creepy but intense. I'm totally digging it. I want to know what Simon's doing there in the first place!

  6. I am just dying to know where this is all going. You've got me. Got me good.