Saturday, December 1, 2012

Top Ten Signs You're Living With an Engineer...

...or an Engineer in Training.

1.  You can’t use your home office because its looks like a cross between Radio Shack and a place where computers go to die.
2.  You have a credit card for Fry’s Electronics.

3.  You get a letter from your Internet provider saying you need to upgrade your service package because you’re a “heavy Internet user”.
4.  Your son gets grounded from his laptop so he decides to build his own using spare parts from the home office (aka computer junkyard), and hides it in his room so he can continue to play games online when you aren’t home.

5.  You’ve purchased three different Parental Control software programs for your sons computer, and he’s managed to hack them all so he can have unlimited time and access to the Internet.
6.  You have to purchase all your husband’s clothing because otherwise he will look ridiculous.

7.  Coffee and chocolate are food group.
8.  There is an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for every family vacation.

9.  Video games are a competitive sport.
10.  Members of your household attend a ComicCon conference in your area at least once a year.


  1. Oh my... I thought I was the only one... Seriously, I live with a Mechanical Engineer AND an Engineer in Training, Evil Genius and The Professor, respectively. :-) I can so relate!

    My husband has built his own arc reactor and is designing his own Iron Man suit, for fun. If nothing else it makes excellent blog fodder.

  2. HAHAHA....that's fantastic! My husband is an Electrical Engineer and my son is in training (leans towards Computer Engineer). You should have seen his last Science Fair project...I'm shocked Homeland Security wasn't called to investigate what was being built in my garage.